Tackling the Artemis Trail

If the name of the trail seems familiar, it is because it is named after the Greek goddess Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Leto. What makes the trail more exciting and intriguing is it brings you around the summit of Mt. Olympus, the home to the gods of the Greek Mythology, and locally known as Chionistra. Reaching the summit takes you a little more than 1800 meters above sea level. This means you will be at an excellent vantage point for the spectacular scenery, which include views of iconic villages like Paphos and Limassol.

Linking up to the Atalanti Trail, Artemis Trail is actually a rough circular loop, and covers 7 kilometers. It begins and ends in the small car park just off the summit road of Olympus. The trail leads to shaded areas but also open ones that offer breathtaking views of the mountain. Even though Artemis takes about three hours to complete, the trail is relatively flat, and that is why it is perfect for new hikers with varying fitness levels.

Mount Olympus is not the only highlight to the trail, Artemis also leads to the “Walls of the Old Town” (Teisia tis Palias Choras), which is actually the ruins of an old temporary Venetian fort, believed to have been built during the later 16th century. The fortification was built as the main defense against the invading Ottomans. The trail also features endemic plants, geological formations and black pine forest. A bonus attraction to the trail is the old black pines, which are around 500 years old.

Artemis trail is housed in the Troodos National Forest Park, part of a protected area called NATURA 2000. The trail is marked well, and even has adequate information signs that will give you more information and insights about the forest and the journey. The most suitable period to hike this splendid trail is from March through November. And although Artemis has a lot to offer in the summer, also consider coming in during winter for some serious skiing fun as the trail is located close to a ski lift and club.

Before tackling Artemis trail, don’t forget to bring water, hat, and your preferred sun protection. Smoking, eating and making excessive noise are not recommended when you are hiking this nature trail. You can also hike all you want without the worry of being run over as bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited.

All about Moraira

1) Well known for its beaches, so if you’re planning a stay then you’ll probably visit the principle beach of Playa l’Ampolla, which is located next to the fortress. The second local beach is at El Portet, located on the north side of the marina. Both are Blue Flag beaches and un-crowded at peak times, cleaned daily and are safe places for families and their children. If you take a kayak from the beach then you’ll discover some glorious sandy coves very close by, which you’ll probably have to yourself, so don’t forget the picnic, water and sun cream.

2) There are plenty of things which you can do in the area whilst on holiday, for which activities include go-karting, fishing, golf, tennis, squash, as well as all other water sports including skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

3) The town and the surrounding areas are known for great restaurants, for which all serve local fish and delicious paella. Varieties of other cuisines are also available and include English, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Moroccan, Indian, Chinese and Thai. So you’re sure to find something to tempt you.

4) The Moors and Christians’ fiesta is the most famous festival and takes place on the 3rd weekend of June in each year. The Moors and Christians’ fiesta celebrates the banishing of the Moors from Valencia by the Christians. Local people dress up in their finest costumes and parade through the streets to the music of local bands. It is very much a party atmosphere and enjoyed by locals and visitors, capped off by a stunning firework display.

Additional fiestas include the Patron Saint is San Vincente Ferrer, for which there is a programme including a mix of religious acts, musical performances, running of the bulls, mascletas, carnival parade, giant paella and of course fireworks. This celebration is held on the first Monday following Easter.

Following the sweet moscatel grape harvest is the Fiesta del Moscatel. The harvest celebration is held in Teulada, which is the local governing body of Moraira and just 3 km away. If you enjoy your pudding wine, or just wish to be part of the festival fun, then this celebration takes place on the first Saturday in September.

Then finally the fiesta of Santa Catalina, which is another local festival held in Teulada on the 25th November. This particular festival includes a parade, children’s fun fair, concert and outdoor dancing, as well as a firework display, so it’s great for all the family to enjoy.

5) Apart from meandering around the pretty cobbled streets of the respective towns, there are plenty of other places in the area to discover and include Javea old town, the old port, as well as the beach area itself. The surrounding towns of Denia, Calpe, Benissa and the Jalon Valley are just a 15 minute drive away and all have something to offer the visitor. Get to enjoy and explore this beautiful area independently by renting a car and an affordable luxury villa.

Avoid Losing Your Luxury Condo Rental Deposit

1. Read and Understand Your Rental Agreement – If there is one place to take your time, it would be when reading your rental agreement. Look for any extra fees and make sure you know how your rental deposit factors into your rental pricing. Will breaking specific rules mean extra costs for you? Ask as many question as possible, and it never hurts to have someone with no connection to your trip look over the agreement(s).

2. Check Local Renter Rights and Laws – It may feel like overkill, but knowing where you stand as a renter is always beneficial. Consider that you may be in another state or country. The last thing you want to depend on is hunches and general knowledge regain your rights.

3. Have a Detailed Walk-Through and Document Everything – When you get to your luxury condo, don’t be taken in by the glitz and glamour that comes with a high ticket rental property. As you would in renting an apartment, go through and check the premises for any problems such as stains, chips, scratches, and general upkeep that needs to be taken care of before you finalize an agreement. Take pictures and videotape the walk-through as these can be very important should there be any disagreement about the property’s condition when you leave.

4. Look Out for Fragile Items – A luxury condo is usually well-decorated and is made to look as great as possible. However, some of the items put out can break, so it isn’t a bad idea to take these items and safely put them in a protected area. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you do break something or damage something, fess up. Don’t try to cover things up as this can become a bigger headache down the line.

Enjoy the Majestic Mallorca

Almond blossom –

When the worst of the Mallorca winter is finally subsided, and the sky is blue with a touch of liveliness, the island is nothing but hundred and a thousand’s mixture of approximate four million almond trees, decorating the place, then yes you are in Mallorca in its late winter and it is indeed time for bliss. The story says that these were once planted by a Moorish ruler, who wanted to woo his Scandinavian queen, who was tired of winter around her. The late winters in Mallorca is the perfect time for a wonderful occasion for stately homes, now turned into luxury hotel, offering the best of the best spa experience.


When summers are more of swimming and surfing, why not use the winter to catch up with some golf lessons? The golf courses of Mallorca offer the best of the instructors and golf courses, with slashed price. The upmarket Son Vida on the outskirts of Palma, is a must for all golf lovers. Also indulge in the three courses, Son Quint, Son Vida and Son Muntaner, the best places, also very close to the airport.

Tramuntana hike-

Away from the city’s hustle-bustle, the quiet and quaint Tramuntana mountain range is a hiker’s paradise. This range of mountain remains untouched treasure, and is completely unknown to visitors. Declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO in the year 2011, this is perhaps one of the best things to do in Mallorca’s mid winter vacation. A fabulous place, situated almost on the trail, many hotels and guest houses remain open throughout the winter, providing hostel services with limited private rooms.

Following the wheel tracks of Sir Bradley Wiggins (cycling) –

Empty roads, sun shining high and bright, and a long trail of cycling along the roads, the island’s dominant plain EsPla, offers an easy riding between pretty country towns, and spectacular countryside gifting the riders the best possible view of the springtime. For people looking for a bigger challenge can also quarry themselves against the roads of the Tramuntana mountains.

The wine route-

Covering more than seventy bodegas, Mallorca makes a point to spoil its tourists with the best wine. The official WINE ROUTE FOR THE BINISSALEM DO is the best guide, thereby helping one and all to spent the day and spoil for the choices of the finest wine.