4 Things You Should Do If You’re Traveling with a Senior


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Whether it’s a parent or an elderly friend, traveling with a senior can be challenging. They have several needs, from medical considerations to mobility issues, that you need to take into account. Still, don’t be discouraged from traveling with an elderly person.

Here are some tips for smooth travels with an elderly person.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for any trip, but it’s especially important when traveling with a senior. With travel insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

There are different types of travel insurance, so make sure to get a suitable policy. For example, some policies will cover cancellation fees if your senior traveling companion has to cancel due to illness.


Pack the Essentials

Seniors need a number of things to help them get through the day, and it’s important that you pack all the essential things they need to get through the trip.

To know what to pack, make a list with them. This is because they’re the best person to tell you what they’ll need. For instance, they may need a special walking stick you don’t know about.

Keep in mind that asking depends on if they’re sharp enough to instruct you properly. A good way to tell is if they can hold a conversation. Or if they live in a senior living community instead of a memory care facility. If they can’t instruct you properly, ask their caretaker for a list of things they’ll need.

Still, some general essentials you should pack include medication, a first-aid kit, comfortable clothing, and sensible shoes.

Choose the Right Destination

Not all destinations are senior-friendly. When planning your trip, make sure to choose a destination that’s suitable for seniors. This means a place with good medical facilities, accessible amenities, healthy food options, senior-friendly tourist attractions, etc.

There are different ways to find out about the suitability of a travel destination. Travel blogs are a good place to start. By reading about other people’s experiences, you can get a good idea of what to expect.

Another way is to contact the tourism board of the destination you’re interested in and ask about senior-friendly options.

Make All the Arrangements in Advance

When traveling with a senior, it’s best to make all the arrangements in advance. This way, you can avoid any stressful situations that may arise.

So, if you’re flying, make sure to get your tickets well in advance. This will allow you to choose seats that are suitable for seniors, such as those near the aisle or with extra legroom.

You should also book your accommodation in advance and request a room that’s easy to access for seniors.

Traveling with a senior can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. By following these tips, you can make sure that your trip is smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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