5 super benefits of river rafting


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It’s more than just a challenge – white water rafting has several benefits for the mind and body. We highlight the 5 most important ones.


It is sport that stretches you to your limits. White water rafting is gaining popularity across India, with many trying their hands at it. But if you thought that this sport was just a race against the current, think again: it has several benefits for its participants:

#1 The rush of adrenaline makes you focus.

White water rafting is a challenge from the word go. There is no time to sit back and relax – you must get into the groove at once, and work with your mates to reach your destination. The sudden spurt of activity increases your heart rate and elevates the breathing so that more oxygenated blood flows through the body. In turn, there is a surge of adrenaline through the body that not only gives you the impetus to complete the task at hand, but to also concentrate solely on it.

#2 It strengthens the muscles and joints.

River rafting is a physically demanding sport, especially when you are going upstream or swimming against the current. It exercises all the major muscles and joints in the body, making your body suppler and more agile than before. If you want to take up a sport that is both fun and which has several benefits for your physical frame – from weight loss to better joint health – then white water rafting is for you.

#3 It is a tremendous cardio workout.

If you need an all-round cardio workout, then just head to the best Kolad river rafting site and get going. The strenuous activity requires high amounts of stamina, especially for long paddling in fast rapids. Not only should you have excellent breath control, you must also be strong enough to paddle for long without cramping or sustaining muscle spasms or back pain. The more you practice it, the better your form and stamina become.

#4 It reduces stress and promotes calmness.

Any difficult exercise like river rafting, when done well, can improve your mood. This happens when the body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, into the bloodstream. In turn, your anxiety and stress levels reduce, and you experience a sense of calmness. If you go Kolad river rafting against another team of rafters, you will come out of the race feeling euphoric – this is because your stress levels have completely gone down, while the pleasure centres in your brain are at peak form.

#5 It promotes teamwork.

You cannot go river rafting alone, and you must work in tandem with a team to achieve the best results. This requires a shared wavelength, excellent understanding between all team members, and open communication. It also promotes leadership, following orders without argument, and working as a unit rather than a bunch of individuals. These are good skills to have in real life.

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