Author: Carol

  • Family Trip

    Mt. Isa – A Great Place for a Family Trip

    If you are planning a trip with your kids during the summer break, then Mt. Isa is a place to be considered. Situated in Queensland, this place is famous for its natural mineral reserve, its rodeo and its history of clashes between the native people and the white settlers. In …

  • 5 super benefits of river rafting

    It’s more than just a challenge – white water rafting has several benefits for the mind and body. We highlight the 5 most important ones.

    It is sport that stretches you to your limits. White water rafting is gaining popularity across India, with many trying their hands at it. But …

  • Biology Help for Efficient Learning

    Biology Help

    Biology is a fascinating and very useful technology, educating us the rules of characteristics, and how many types of equipment, devices, and resources we use on consistently operate. Many students also think it is to be the hardest of the three basic sciences that we understand in secondary school. Science …