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Germany is a country that’s known to offer excellent and exciting vacation destinations. It has easy to access towns as well as cities, incredible destinations for outdoor fun experience & adventure and offers a vibrant culture. Berlin is the country’s capital and is considered the most dynamic city in the entire European continent. It has lots to offer, from great shopping and dining experience., a thrilling entertainment sector and is one of the top cultural destinations in Europe. In Berlin, you will find several excellent art galleries and many museums. Some of these museums are located on the Museum Island, which is so incredible that it can take days to explore it. These sites close at night, but that’s not all. At night you get an opportunity to enjoy concerts by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and have performances by Berlin Opera. You can have nature walks around the Mitte District and have a chance to see some of the most famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate. It is essential when going for vacations that you ensure you have the proper attire. Review sites such as will help you find reputable shops that you will shop the attire from. If you need to go for a jog, you can find jogging accessories at RunnerInn. Some of the best vacation places to visit in Germany are discussed below.

1. Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and takes a top position as one of the largest cities in Germany. The city is located on the outskirts of the beautiful Bavarian Alps and is a renowned tourist destination. It is credited as a city that has played a significant role in helping Germany take shape in its cultural and political sphere, having its roots trace back to the settlements of the monks. It has since then rapidly grown as a trade, arts and religious centre. A visit to Munich will have you view lots of churches that have survived through time, one of them being the iconic cathedral, the Frauenkirche, which is one of the most recognized buildings in the city. There is also a Renaissance-era Michaelskirche which can’t fail to be noticed due to its enormous size. It is a large open square known for its attractive old architecture.

2. Medieval Rothenburg

This is an old town and captures all that is amazing about Germany. You’ll find lots about Germany in this single old town. Particularly, it is located above River Tauber, and it still has its old buildings intact, unlike other old towns that were left devastated by the world wars. Rothenburg escaped the wars, and its structures are well preserved, and over the centuries, they have remained intact, only subject to ageing. In Rothenburg, you will find the Imperial City Museum, a magnificent structure and the Castle Gardens, a historic site among other structures. Most of these were established in the 17th century and still stand up to date. Visiting this place for a few days’ vacations will allow you to catch some of the most amazing spectacular views of the old town buildings and walls.

3. Cologne

This is also an old city that has remained intact over the years giving modern tourists a chance to enjoy its view. It was initially a city for the Romans. A visit to Cologne will see you witness magnificent old structures that served as religious centres. Being a centre of commerce from the early years, at Cologne, you will find ancient days marketplaces that possess unique fashions and foodstuffs that are worth trying.

4. Lindau

Dating back to the 9th century, Lindau is one of Germans most attractive small town. It is the Holy roman empire’s former free imperial town. It has lovely passageways and streets bordered by hundreds of years old houses. Having glistening turquoise waters and at times called the Garden of Eden, Lindau has lots of half-timbered medieval buildings that provide great lakefront cafes and Alpine views. In the summertime, a visit to Lindau will have you take boat tours where you will have to witness inspiring views of the Alps, Switzerland and Austria across the lake.

5. Weimar

Situated in East Germany, Weimar is a small town that history enthusiasts won’t want to miss. It’s known to be an epicentre of German culture and was home to some of Germany’s greatest thinkers and artists, including Goethe, Nietzsche and Hach. A visit to Weimar will have you witness the Buchenwald concentration camp, and the camp’s hunting ruins offer a creepy reminder of the Nazi regimes terror.

In conclusion, Germany is one of the most popular tourist and vacation destinations. A visit to Germany for a vacation will offer you a breathtaking experience as it has relaxed, cool and vibrant sceneries. This article offers the reader some fantastic vacation destinations they can visit in Germany.

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