Diwali In Goa Is The Most Eulogizing Festival For All Religions


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Just a few months left…. autumn is arriving with Diwali, the festival of demolishing evil and strengthening life with the light of grace and spirituality. For Goa, it is intensely special and is celebrated throughout 5 days. It has a story for why not just Hindu rather all religions in Goa ritualize this festival as special. Let know the secret of Diwali celebration in Goa by all religions with special events.


The secret of Diwali celebration in Goa

In Goa, Diwali celebration has special attention on pleasing Lord Krishna. On the second day of Diwali, Narakasur had been overpowered and killed by Lord Krishna and the civilian of Goa was being graced. Narakasur was the monarch of Goa long days back. He was gifted with supernatural power, but he misses utilized it and tortured people by taking their property, home and even took away women. Being flattered by the long prayer Lord Rama reincarnated as an avatar of Lord Krishna or Vishnu and killed Narakasur. The large form of Narakasur is lighted on fire and people distribute sweets, new dresses, music, diyas and lot more to celebrate the demolishing of evil.

According to Hindu mythology, it was last wish of Narakasur owed by his mother, Bhumi Devi that his death will be celebrated as a festival. To plead and pray Lord Krishna diyas are offered on Krishna temple across Goa and many offerings are given as puja.

5 days festivity

Mata Lakshmi, Vishnu, and Ganesha are deities who are worshipped on this puja. Diya or lamps are lit with oil symbolizing the burning of evil is most special across the world. Roads, public places, houses are decorated with Diya, rangoli and with all best efforts. The special Diwali in Goa is celebrated with music and dance on the sea beach. All religions come together on these 5 days in celebrating the festival of light overpowering evil.

Hindu performs Mahalaxmi & Ganesh Puja for getting health, wealth and prosperity. Sikhs celebrate it as Bandi Chhor Divas as the anniversary of releasing their guru Hargobind fromprison. Jain celebrates it as the day of reincarnation when Mahavira got Moksha. Buddhist celebrates it as Ashok Vijaya Dasmi, the day when King Ashoka converted himself into Buddhist.

Carousel of Goa

The street parade of demolishing Narakasur is a special attraction. Diya, Rangoli and the boat of lanterns streaming through the ocean is also special to Goa. People exchange gifts. Children, adults and the elderly all wear new clothes. Sweets, chocolates, and gifts are exchanged. The season of tourism starts from this time here. Many foreigners and tourist from our cities visit here on holiday. Sweets, lights, music, wine makes Diwali adorned in this land. Even people from other religion pave in celebration with this festival.

Market rise

All domestic and commercial houses are cleaned and decorated. Roads and buildings are painted and cleaned. Apparels, ornaments, home furnishes are on huge demand. The market turnover rises drastically in this season from mid-October to mid-November. On vacation, people prefer to enjoy on Goa beach delved in celebration and decoration.

So see you at Goa this Diwali, 27 th Oct 2019, Sunday!

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