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Have you ever tried a GPS-guided tour? Go sightseeing at your own pace and don’t worry about getting lost. It’s quite simple and easy since you get a GPS-guided system. It has the recording that tells you about the places you visit right when you come to it. It tracks your GPS location in order to turn on the recording at the right moment. The beautiful story can take you to the most amazing places in the city. It’s already available in different cities all over the world.
Plan your tour beforehand. You can either do it with the help of an app or on the company’s website. You can add or delete the points of interest to your map and choose the possible roots to avoid walking in circles.

Discover the new city at your own speed with the help of the phone or tablet. The GPS guided tours will gather every bit of information together. Maps, photos, videos, and the audio records will be comfortably waiting for you inside the app. A great advantage is the possibility to download the information before you actually start walking. It’s a wonderful perk if your destination won’t have access to Wi-Fi or poor 3G connection. Just preload things you need and build your dream tour.

A beautiful story that guides you along the city is not possible due to the exceptional technology. There is no need to carry books and maps and get lost either way. The individually-build tours (both walking and driving) brought you extra comfort and fun.

There are many reasons you should, at least, try these tours. First of all, you can throw away all the paper guides and maps you usually carry around. The system will tell you when and where to turn and give you enough information about the sights you see. Secondly, there is no more need to look for Wi-Fi spots. If your device is allowed to track your location, the system with the preloaded tracks will automatically turn on and guide you without the Internet connection. What’s more, you can start the tour anytime you want. There is no need to wake up early in the morning to catch the group tour. There is no need to wait while everyone is done taking pictures. You can take a break anytime for as long as you want. It’s totally hustle-free and you’ll never get lost.

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