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We are hit by the holiday seasons again, and typically it comes with all the fever and flurry of activities. While some are busy making plans, others are still wondering the best place to spend their holiday or what to do during the holidays; hiking, reading, swimming, or just ‘relaxing’.

A good way to enjoy the holiday and shake up a few of your bones is to engage in physical activities like hiking, bungee jumping, or maybe, the sport of Muay Thai.

Although Muay Thai is a combat sport, it is none of the most relaxing and entertaining combat sport there is, from nice and boisterous camps to inspiring instructors and the customs of the sport itself. You will find your heart blood rate dropping a few points when practicing this sport, as it is not only physically refreshing but help your rid toxins.


Why Muay Thai is the perfect holiday routine

Whether it is a short weekend or a long summer, you can still enjoy this amazing sport with friends, or even family.

·Muay Thai is a good weight loss routine

You don’t need to come out of the holiday looking a few pounds more than when you began your holidays. It is very much possible to have a smooth and enjoyable holiday and watch your weight at the same time. The activities in Muay Thai help your body to metabolize excess fat and rid you of excess calories.

·Muay Thai camps are refreshing

You might be wondering how a gym filled with sandbags or a ‘kicking’ ring represents fun, but most Muay Thai camps are located close to strategic areas like islands, a beach, the quiet and humble countryside, or the beautiful seascapes. You can spend your little Muay Thai breaks enjoying the wonders of nature.

·Lots of opportunities to socialize

There are lots of people in Muay Thai camps who share a lot of likes and similarities as you; just have to reach out. Various people who train in the camps will also be hoping to gain a connection (lots of travelers from outside the continent).

·Good health routine

What best way to spend the holiday than to spend it very fit? Muay Thai will bring up your level of fitness and keep your body in great shape as a result of the numerous camp training and activities.

Muay Thai keeps your heart healthy, helps your hip movement to be fluid, and helps with bone strength.

Save Money by spending your holidays in Thailand with Suwitmuaythai program

Apart from the wonderful experience, you will get with practicing Muay Thai, Thai people are ‘warm’ to strangers.  Suwit Muay Thai is a new choice for holiday.

Thailand has a low cost of living and a booming economy, which makes it a more cost-effective place to practice Muay Thai. A good transport network, modest housing prices, and a stable currency help to guarantee your financial safety in the country.

You don’t only need to take my word for it, but the words of thousands of tourists who flock to the country for the annual Grand Muay Thai festival.

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