The Magical Beauty of San Francisco

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Being one of the largest metropolises in the world, it’s easy to find a plethora of things to do in San Francisco. Given how densely populated it is, the idea of traveling to this beautiful city can be quite intimidating even before hopping on a plane. Nevertheless, it’s a magnificent place to visit, featuring steep rolling hills, animated summers, spectacular mixes of architecture, and phenomenal landmarks which include iconic cable cars, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Delicacy rendezvous

Escape San Francisco’s disconcertment by trying out the classic staples below when your stomach starts rumbling.

Eat a hearty meal of baked goat cheese salad

This is an extremely simple dish that includes two to three breaded rounds of softened goat cheese normally served with garlic toasts, and baby lettuces on top. The dish is colorful as well as delightful. Be sure to treat your taste buds with this mouthwatering cuisine when touring SF.

Take a sip of the Mai Tai

Did you catch the clue in the name? If not, here’s a brief description; it is more than just a drink. With its conspicuous fruity flavors and a boozy kick, the Mai Tai is a well-crafted cocktail, unlike anything you’ve had at home. Each sip of this quintessential tiki drink will leave you yearning for more.

Eat the tastiest Cioppinos on earth

This is an Italian seafood stew that became widely popular in San Francisco. It has flavorful aromatics of celery, red bell pepper, and onions. Cioppino is definitely a seafood lover’s dream.

Shop yourself happy

Besides offering the most appetizing meals, San Fran also has a reputation for being one of the best shopping cities. It features some of the most distinct shopping centers in the United States including the Big-chain retail stores, local artisan boutiques, and racks of vintage products. Whether you are looking for designer outfits or the perfect memorabilia, then San Francisco’s shopping centers are definitely the place to be. The following are some of the areas you can find the best merchandise.

This is one of the most famous districts. It’s known for its rich history as the home of the Summer of Love. The streets of Haight Ashbury feature amazing electric rock bands stores and colorful luxurious shops such as the Booksmith, Amoeba music store, the Goorin Bros, and the Black scale store.

North Beach Shopping Centre

There is always a wow factor that’s prevalent in the North Beach Shopping center. It is usually considered as the Little Italy of San Francisco, with the north beach area featuring numerous pizza joints, delis, and Italian restaurants.

Home of technology

Welcome to the capital of the high-tech world, Silicon Valley. The name Silicon Valley was obtained from the heavy concentration of electronics and computer industries that rose up in the mid-20th century. The name comes about as a result of the highly populated tech companies in the area. The valley has also contributed to the rise of the many economies and the internet at large. The famous world-changing tech giants that call this place home include Apple, Netflix, Google, and Facebook. Other platforms such as eBay, Twitter, Tesla, and Twitter were also launched here.

When you’re visiting silicon valley’s tech hubs, be sure to explore the Googleplex. Here, you will find Googlers chatting and riding yellow bikes. You can also pay a visit to the Android Sculpture Garden with sections honoring the release of different Operating Systems. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the modest building in Palo Alto, where the history of Google began. Silicon Valley is truly the ultimate center for innovative tech companies in the United States and the world as a whole.

San Francisco has so much to offer that there’s certainly no way you’ll be able to exhaust all its beauty on a single trip.

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